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My Friend Monster

Hand crafted cuddly monsters, made from up cycled wool sweaters. Since 2009, My Friend Monster has been the premier monster adoption site! Made with love because monsters need friends too...

Rank Site In Out
1 MMORPG warofhell game
2085 2670

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Brian Craft in Etsy
231 4262

All the sock plush done by full of love and creative. You can found your favor character like Night Fury Dragon, Lowly Worm or Vampy cat in my shop. You can also found some new character like baby zeb
3 Stuffed Silly - Plush Toys made with Character
134 4211

Home for some cute stuffed animals and other plush creations that are unique. High quality soft toy collectibles.
49 1134

Want to buy Cute Stuffed Animal Plush Online? Check out all the Cute Bellzi Stuffed Animals that we have! Panda, Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Bear, Fox, Whale, Lion, Corgi, Giraffe, Horse, Tiger, Narwhal and mor
44 2246

Handknitted bunnies and teddies from a little cottage in Derbyshire England..
6 Chunkylicious ♥ kawaii crafts
43 693
For the kawaii lovers, those who loves anything cute! Handmade cute plushies, felt food & more cute stuff!
7 Squee Crafts
43 947

Unique crochet handmade toys for children and the young at heart
8 Shop Of Little Horrors.
32 2004

Hand-made alternative fashion dolls, plush and play-things.
9 siansburys
20 2228

Legends of Sock
Gorgeous handmade one of a kind sock monkeys, character sock monkeys and other animals
10 Edward and Lilly
16 3954
Edward and Lilly softies include cute cats in pretty dresses and sleepy teddy bears. All softies are handmade original designs. More softie designs coming soon!
11 geekyGAMERgirl
15 1340

Handmade cloud monster plushies & more
12 araleling's craft
13 2126

Hi, I enjoy making handmade craft using felts and sometimes polymer clay to make some animals or monsters.

I like to make a variety of characters using felts. So if you like any customization, do con
13 Fur Will Fly
12 2301

Unusual plush creatures and related bits & Bobs! Many science-inspired items too.
14 Amazing Bible
6 447

A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, P
15 Stinky Feet Babies of the Secret Sock Society
5 1532
The Stinky Feet Babies are born into the Secret Sock Society to accomplish only one thing - to love someone who adopts them. They are registered with the Fine Arts Registry and are loving little creat
16 Plush From Your Memory
3 1138

I like to read story, I like to made hand craft, I like plush, so I do all the plush come out from my memory, althought not my own design, but is my own hand, sew it one by one, to share my memory plush with all of you.
17 Marshmallow Jelly
2 735
Handmade upcycled toys, custom plush toys and graphic design. Cute and unique animal and other plushies.
18 Freshmade
2 1759

Handmade one of a kind plushies, we also offer customization, add names, dates etc or design your own plushie from scratch.
19 Nonesuch Garden
2 2071

Adorable handmade plush toys by Megan Baehr.
20 Penguin & Fish on etsy
2 3632

Cute and quirky plush made from new and recycled materials.
21 Blue Shed Crafts
2 1093

Cute, pretty, must have gifts.
22 beezmiller
2 1360

My etsy site contains mostly plush sock creatures. There are a few other hand made items as well. OOAK wood board games will be listed soon.
23 Sunfleur
2 1266

GooGooMonsters are the wave of the future! Ok, not really, but don't tell them that. Lovingly knitted and needle felted monsters will fill you home with joy! Site also has hand-knitted items, needle
24 Deko Brillanz
2 423

2 1069

All LEFTZ are created with repurposed, upcycled, and reclaimed fabrics. They are adorned with vintage buttons and trims. Each softie is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. These handmade plus
26 Siouxsie-Factory
1 822
Adorable crocheted plushies!!
27 PterodactylPants Plush
1 1116
Creepy and awesome unique handmade plush!
28 Silly Kitty
1 1271

mostly handmade one of a kind (I never use a pattern) amigurumi plushies.)
29 Run Freak Run
1 1771

My fleece plushies!!
30 blupony808
1 1217

One of a kind handmade plush toys and accessories
31 Ollie and Rose
1 462
I make eco-friendly monsters, gnomes, elephants, giraffes, and whatever else I can think of for baby nursery decor and childrens toys. I make all my creations out of upcycled materials and sweaters.
32 The Cuddle Shop
1 1284

I sell cute, cuddly, fun sock monkeys for all ages!
33 The Lolly Trolley
1 991

Handmade stuffies and plushies
34 lucykate crafts...
1 1101
craft designer & maker, i create in fabric and felt soft sculpture and also projects for books and magazines.
35 beenadolls
1 909
beautiful original soft dolls and toys lovingly hand crafted for children of all ages.custom orders welcome:)
36 Electric Daisy Plush
1 1879

Electric Daisy Plush is handmade vintage fun with a touch of whimzy and love.
37 happy-plush-plush!
1 1507

For cute plushies, patches and badges
1 816
Handmade plush toys with an emphasis on sock creatures!
39 etsy
1 362

At CrochetPaws, you'll find pawsitively unique gifts

40 Splashes of Color
1 710
41 Millie's Crochet House (via Etsy)
1 360

Original handmade amigurumi and crochet dolls of all colors!
42 Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness
1 1074
KAFMA plushies and anime character plushies
43 Hello Dollies
1 764
This is where Raggedy Ann and Whimsy Dolls come to play dress-ups! Custom orders welcome.
44 Pinutie
1 732

Welcome to pinutie! The handmade stores that sells cuteness in a tangible form! I enjoy sewing and crafting cute things to brighten up people's days.
45 The Forgotten Friends
1 861

The Forgotten Friends hand crafts all those old familiar faces from our past childhood and many new ones with a bit of a creepy twist. Our little friends are made from only top quality materials.
46 craftylittlekitten
1 914
From crochet to sewing this is the site for all your gift needs! Babys, children and even grown-up love this site!
47 Little Freaks
0 1656

Handmade cute plushies and freaky dolls
48 poopsie-daisy toys!
0 1125

a site dedicated to funny handmade plush toys, and funky accessories - free shipping for all items!
49 PLUSH-ed
0 531
Just two girls with the desire to share their works with everyone else! May not be absolutely perfect but we definitely put our heart and soul in making them. ^^
50 Girl's Talk Plushies
0 1656
Half of the site is my personal blog, the other, a blog that sells wonderful plushies that oozes cuteness. Inspired by the kawaii culture in Japan
51 ZooToys
0 273

Toys for children , baby pillow and Quiet Busy books
52 SandeesKreations
0 34
Whimical Kreations
53 My Friend Monster
0 380

Hand crafted cuddly monsters, made from up cycled wool sweaters. Since 2009, My Friend Monster has been the premier monster adoption site! Made with love because monsters need friends too...
0 654

buttons abstract
55 GetSTUFT Creations
0 268
Geeky goodness! Home of the zombie legwarmer monkey and Doppelganger caricature plush! Batman, Star Wars, Kawaii and original GetSTUFT creations of course!
56 Owlystore
0 1943

Handmade stuffed plush toys made with recycled fabrics / buttons
57 Mystic Hills Ngaroma
0 414

Mystic Hills Ngaroma creates 100% handmade and one of a kind creations in Art Doll, Monsters, Zombies and other weird and strange creatures. We use a range of materials from new to up cycled to creat
58 5 orange potatoes
0 462
Handmade, eco friendly, and flirty stuffed animals and pillows lovingly stitched by me, Lisa, my critters are made from thrifted sweaters and vintage linens.
59 Rat'n'Tatters Toys by Julia Berg
0 384

Welcome to my Etsy shop of artist Toys! Here you'll find funny and nice OOAK Toys, especially rats, bats and some others. Just have a look and feel as love fills your heart...
60 CraftOtaku on Etsy
0 232

Handmade ponies, pokemon, bears, and more. Check out what I have available or contact me for a custom creation!
61 Dreaming of the Midway
0 198
Full of handmade plush monsters and weird, kawaii animals!
62 ChibiManekiNeko
0 175
In my store you'll find cute key-chain plushies, but if you don't want it with a key ring I can make one for you. I've barely started, but I wanna keep growing~! I also make jewelry~! Thanks for th
63 BugBites Play Food
0 609
As a mother, I am all too aware of the cheap, mass-produced, lead-laden toys that have flooded American toy stores - we have all seen the recalls of thousands of toys in the news in recent months. In
64 Casbah Kitten
0 770
We make pet toys out of Ecospun felt (a product of recycled plastic bottles!) that are soft and fun to play with and snuggle!
65 RoseThistleArtworks
0 729
Handmade, unique, wool sculpture portraits of your favorite pets or animals made to order for you. But directly from the artist. Portraits available as Paintings, Drawings, Pendants, and more, also.
66 Auntie Jill
0 798
Heirloom quality plush toys.
67 The Prick Cushion ~ It's Just A Little Prick.
0 1483
***Mature Content*** Naughty Notions and Gag Gift Plushies!
68 Miss Kitty Charms- handmade rad, kaPOW!
0 821
Super duper plushes and cute clay! But... mainly plushes i suppose. :p
ITS RAD, TRUST ME. Go go go!
69 Weird Bug Lady
0 1204

Hand made custom crafted creatures, specializing in plush insects and other creepy crawlies.
70 pwn world
0 1360
hi! i make cute cuddly plushies! they have little hands and no feet so they can never run from you and they'll be your special friend forever :D

all hand sewn by me with no machine
71 AreaThriftyOne
0 800
Cloth dolls and patchwork plush animals - the cutest you've ever seen!
72 Bibelot Forest
0 833
Handmade magical forest creatures that spring up like mushrooms! Come into the Bibelot Forest, you never know what you'll find...
73 My Little Oogabooga
0 1409

An assortment of brightly coloured Monsters, Robots, Ninjas and now Sumos made from wool felt, for kids and grown ups!
74 pipapiep
0 779

Hand made plush characters and laser cut pendants from acrylic.
75 The SweetSmith
0 498

Handmade toys, art and whimsical fun stuff!
76 Sweet Felts
0 804

It's all hand craft needle felts by me. I love to make desserts felts to play and enjoy. Please come to visit. Thanks
77 LerayjessDesigns
0 668
Beautifully hand sewn plush stuffed animals made of blankie-soft fleece. Safe for all ages! HappyNest Toys (tm) by Lerayjess Designs - only on etsy.
78 clairepayne
0 1042
Cute felt plushies. Monkeys, fruity faces, brooches and pincushions!
79 Fantastic Toys
0 1138

Friends of the forest frolic in this land of adorable soft toys. Here you'll find lovely fawns and forest critters along with cute lit'l buggers.
80 Nautilus123 on Etsy
0 694

We only have one plush toy listed at the moment, a unique cell with microvilli plushie, but we're working on adding a lot more soon! =)
81 Violetpie
0 1551

I sell felt, mohair and needle felted kawaii style creatures...from very tiny to not-so-tiny!
82 Silent Orchid Studio
0 685
Custom made plush toys and dolls. Robots, monster, and cute little freaks.
83 Rosewood Creations
0 559
Rosewood Creations specializes in plushies and ll manner of textile and fiber arts.
84 Skyebluepink
0 984

Stuffed toys and delightful drawings... all handmade with love x
85 Fieltrunguis
0 1458

handmade amigurumis and needle felting miniatures
86 Tranifer's Wonky Critters
0 1076

Tranifer's Wonky Critters are original, handmade plush creations. Some cute, some creepy, but all very lovable.
I strive to offer the tangible and lovable comfort of plush toys, with the handmade de
87 Happycloud Thunderhead
0 821

A site about Happycloud Thunderhead. Toys, art,& fun!
88 rabbitsmoon
0 794
handmade toys and accessories
89 Zazu Faure / Los Angeles
0 928

one of a kind freeform plush animals made of recycled cashmere and lambwool sweaters.
90 Emerald Arts Etsy Shop
0 692
Here you will find my original artworks compiled into a series of sketch/colouring books called "Creatures and Dreams". Also available are my toys, and 'Make Your Own' kits so that you can create your own plush and Origami creatures.

To see what I am u
91 jellibat
0 1315

Unique handmade toys
creative crochet critters and sassy sewn softies
92 myook@etsy
0 1298

handmade plush toys! :-)
93 Blood of bee
0 773
Curiosities and Handmade Oddities
94 etsy
0 759
Sock and knitted creatures and kawaii goodies
95 Kivett Studio
0 947

Seriously funky art dolls,plush creatures, fine art figures and other curiosities to spark your imagination!
96 Xmas With Krampus
0 620

Krampus art plush dolls, ornaments, and fridge magnets. One of a kind art disguised as toys.
100% Handmade by Baron Exu and Baroness Joni.
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